Table of contents

Life in the Great Salt Lake Frederick J. Post 43

Geologic Insights from an Earth Orbiting Satellite Arthur T. Anderson, Alan F. Smith and Lois M. Cox 47

Utah's Horses: A Versatile Resource J'Wayne McArthur 51

Ornament al Horticulture and Turf Management Employment Practices G.A. Long, W.F. Campbell,E.M. Drake, and T. M. McKee 57

Sprinkling with Salty Well Water Can Cause Problems Rex F. Nielson and Orson S. Cannon 61

Pesticides and Alfalfa Maurice G. Zeeman and Donald W. Davis 64

The Art of Making and Feeding Corn Silage Norris Stenquist 69

Multiple Use of Irrigation Canals James J. Kennedy and Suzanne Morgan 71

Where the Action Is B. Delworth Gardner and Lois M. Cox 74

Science Shorts 68, 73

An "Inside" Story Lois M. Cox and Lynn F. James 80