Table of contents

Utah's Horses, an Economic Asset J'Wayne McArthur 3

Increasing Yields on Recently Graded Land Through Proper Phosphate Fertilization Charles M. Burt, Glen E. Stringham, and David W. James 8

Weights of Hunter-Harvested Mule Deer in Utah Dennis D. Austin and Philip J. Urness 11

Sand and Gravel Operations - Conflicts and Choices Craig Johnson and James Gropper 14

Raising Dairy Calves in Northern Utah E. W. Wisniewski, C. W. Arave, and R. C. Lamb 20

Impact of Manufacturing Firms on Rural Economies Rondo A. Christensen, Lynn H. Davis and Kimball R. Humphrey 23

Field Criteria for Predator Damage Assessment James E. Bowns 26