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Seeking a Turn-around for Cancer Stephen J. Kleinschuster Cattle cancer eye may prove to be one answer in developing immunotherapeutic procedures for human carcinomas. 99

Comparative Medicine: A Source of Insights Lois M. Cox Veterinary science and human genetic researchers combine forces to do long term studies on the disfiguring and disabling disease, hereditary multiple exostosis 102

A New Branch Diagnostic Lab Kent R. Van Kampen and Ross A. Smart Utah County is financing the structure of a new USU Branch Diagnostic Lab in Utah County. The facility will be several times larger than the original. 106

Hows and Whys of Healthy Plants Neal Van Alfen The State of Utah currently supports three plant pathologists to do research, teaching, and extension work in the area of plant disease. Urgent problems loom large for this small staff 108

Do It Yourself Landscaping William A. Varga The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station's Farmington Display Gardens can help the state's backyard gardeners make the best possible decisions in creating their landscapes 113

Livestock, Forage Growth, and Nature's Variability Lois M. Cox Data from a 7-year study of the growth patterns of shadscale and winterfat raise questions about long-used management procedures on these important sources of forage 123

Theory + Practice = Competent Dietitians Bonita W. Wyse, Barbara M. Prater, and Joan E. Staggers A new program in medical dietetics is providing institutions in the West with much-needed clinical dietitians 126

Aldicarb: A New Nematicide for Control of the Sugarbeet Nematode G. D. Griffin Control of the Sugarbeet nematode is essential to the economic wellbeing of the sugarbeet industry in Utah. Use of the systemic, aldicarb, has resulted in excellent control of this parasite.129

Projects in Progress Lois M.Cox This feature heralds things to come. Its brief samplings of ongoing research describe the hows and whys of anticipated results 132

Science Short Keith Smith and Gilbert Long A good percentage of vo-ag graduates really do wind up in farming or farm-related occupations 139

Science Short USU's Stake in NASA's Space Shuttle 140