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Breeding Grasses for Western Range Kay H. Asay. Douglas A. Johnson. and Douglas R. Dewey A cooperative research program (USDA/USU) is producing grasses precisely tailored to meet western range needs. Using field and laboratory techniques. the researchers are combining the desirable characteristics of various grass species into new “ packages” 3

Characteristics of an Old Stand of Dryland Alfalfa M. D. Rumbaugh If you are convinced that alfalfa can only produce forage under irrigation-think again. Some 1954 dryland seedings of several varieties are indicating that certain alfalfas have potentials for drought tolerance 6

Science Short Virus-Virus-Who Has the Virus? A new easy-to-use test has proven remarkably rapid and reliable in detecting certain diarrhea-causing reoviruses 10

Screening for Drought Resistance in Range Plant Douglas A. Johnson and Kay H. Asay Field testing of plants can require exorbitant Investments of space. time. and money. The perfection of laboratory techniques may therefore give us plant evaluations In a much more efficient way than has been possible to date 11

Science Short Can Sheep Grazing Help Deer Survive Winter? With proper timing and intensity. grazing by sheep may up the quality of the winter range used by Utah ' s deer herds 13

River-clogging Salt-A Search for Sources Lois M. Cox River-borne salts can negatively affect production by irrigated agriculture. Only if we manage to identify the sources of the rivers' salt loads, are we likely to solve the problem 16

Electrical Appliances: Burden or Boon Jane L. McCullough What factors determine which kitchen appliances sit on shelves though out their lives and which are heavily used? By answering that question. researchers hoped to help you spend money more wisely than you may have In the past 19

A Quest for Compatibility: Plants and Intermountain Landscaping Lois M. Cox If you are thinking about adding to or revising the ornamentals around your home. you'll want to keep this article and It’s fists In a handy place as you look toward spring 23

The Participation Problems of Co-ops John C. Wark and Therel R. Black A survey of co-op members indicates that those who carefully consider all relevant factors are the ones most likely to buy through the co-op. 31

Employment and Migration Carole Seyfrit and Mike Toney Contrary to popular dogma . out-migration of young people from rural counties will not necessarily decline as employment potentials rise-at least not when the employment is mining-related. That is one conclusion of researchers who asked high school graduates about their plans for the future 33

Projects in Progress Lois M. Cox This regular feature herald things to come. It’s brief samplings of ongoing research describe the hows and whys of anticipated results 37