Table of contents

119 A WORD FROM THE DEAN ABOUT DAIRY Doyle J . Matthews The Dean of USU's College of Agriculture and the Director of the Experiment Station shares his views on the state of the dairy industry in Utah and USU's role in regional dairy research and facilities.

120 RECORDS - A DAIRY BASIC Wallace R. Taylor The evolution of dairy data recording-from barn wall to computer-as it relates to the development of the science and the art of dairying.

124USU DAIRY COWS - Past & Present - A photo essay

126 DAIRY CATTLE FEEDING AND NUTRITION Melvin J . Anderson and George E. Stoddard With an ever-expanding population. competition for available land and food supplies will be a certainty among peoples and between humans and animals. The development of more efficient and effective feeding programs to increase dairy production is discussed .

130 COMPONENT PRICING OF MILK: A MORE EQUITABLE WAY Morris D. Whitaker There is a need for component pricing of milk to producers. This article advocates payments for the most valued components and discusses the implementation. benefits. and inherent complications of the system .

134 THE VETERINARY DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY Ross A. Smart Discovering what killed an animal is a sophisticated feat of diagnostic acumen accomplished daily by USU's veterinary pathologists. This article presents an overview of the procedures. diseases. and animals commonly seen at the laboratory.

138 LAND APPLICATION OF WASTEWATER IN UTAH James H. Reynolds, Loren R. Anderson Raymond W. Miller and William F. Campbell This article discusses a successful study of secondary treated municipal wastewater which was applied to cropland and points to a potential of turning marginal rangeland into productive farmland .

142 MILK TESTING: WHEN FAT IS NOT ENOUGH Gary H. Richardson The DHIA Central Milk Testing Laboratory operates a Milko-Scan 300 system. providing milk producers with accurate. fast. and inexpensive analyses of the fat / protein percentages of their milk samples. This system is being explored to benefit the cheese industry as well.

144 GETTING THE MOST OUT OF BLACKBRUSH Fred D. Provenza Range researchers find goats improve range forage for cattle by virtue of their complementary grazing.

147 PROJECTS IN PROGRESS Lois M. Cox This feature heralds things to come. Its brief samplings of ongoing research describe the hows and whys of anticipated results.