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97 SHEEP SCAN: An Ultrasound Solution to Sheep Production Problems T. D. Bunch and W. C. Foote If equipment costs can be brought down, sheepmen will have a remarkably useful management tool. Sonar probing can indicate if a ewe is carrying a single or more than one fetus.

100 SHRINK•PROOFING BEEF CARCASSES C. A Stubbs and D. P. Cornforth By minimizing shrinkage and bacterial growth as beef carcasses are held at the meat packers, researchers expect to also benefit consumers.

102 NEW CONCEPTS IN HORSE CONFORMATION L. M. Slade and R. V. Canfield Horses that win races are prized by owners and memorized by investors. Now research promises a way to pre-evaluate the racing potentials of anticipated foals.

108 UTAH'S AURORA AND AURORAL RESEARCH K. D. Baker, G. D. Allred, and L. F. Hall At northern latitudes the aurora borealis is commonplace. In Utah, the occurrence sends friend to alert friend. The causes of this beautiful phenomenon are becoming better understood through research.

114 FORAGE DIVERSITY INCREASES YIELD AND QUALITY M. D. Rumbaugh, D. A Johnson, and G. A Van Epps Grass is good, but variety may be better. Western rangelands apparently produce more nutritious forage when seeded to a mix of adapted grasses and legumes than to grass alone.

118 CREDIT: Safeguard or Snare E. N. Gunnell and M. B. Noyes A report of a survey of Utah consumer attitudes toward credit benefits and pitfalls.