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39 DIABETES MELLITUS MORTALITY IN UTAH: 1940• 1980 S. H. Kan, G. E. Reiber, and Y. Kim Sociologists at USU compared Utah's overall and diabetes death rates with those of the U.S. Utah's death rates were consistently lower.

42 HOW STEMS BEND UP F. B. Salisbury, J. E. Sliwinski, W. J. Mueller, and C. S. Harris When a plant is placed on its side, its stem(s) bend upward, away from the source of gravity. This article explores the mechanics of this response and the changes that take place within stems as they bend.

50 AGRICULTURAL LAND USE AND LAND•USE CONTROL W. C. Lewis and E. Marnell Utah's agricultural land base is growing, according to two USU economists. As cities spread onto land once used for food production, previously unused land is put into agricultural use.

55 MOISTURE: ITS WHERE AND WHEN FACTORS Accurate measurements of soil moisture can answer questions about crop and forage production, and may soon be used to predict drought.

56 PREDICTING CROP PRODUCTION F. A. Condie A USU Professor of Accounting examines increased operating costs and decreased returns for farmers, and discusses how such difficulties may be alleviated.

58 BUILDING A FAST TRACK FOR TOMATOES R. F. Heflebower Jr. and A. R. Hamson Plastic mulches or tunnels may allow tomatoes to be grown more successfully in areas with short growing seasons.

63 FLUORIDE IN REVIEW An International Fluoride Symposium was held at USU May 25 through 27,1982.