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65 MAN-MADE MINK High-energy diets to increase pelt size caused sterility. Diets were then restricted prior to breeding and increased afterward to produce the desired larger pelts.

67 VETERINARY CYTOGENETICS T. D. Bunch and A. D. Stock Ongoing experiments based on chromosomal evolution of sheep and goats at the ADVS Cytogenetics Laboratory uncover practical economic concepts to perfect cytogenetic techniques for animal producers.

72 RADIATION FROST PROTECTION L. F. Hall A backyard Hubbard Squash provided observable evidence to prompt studies of progressive frost damage as influenced by protective foliage.

76 1982-THE YEAR THE PLUG FELL OUT E. A. Richardson, G. L. Ashcroft, and L. M. Cox With a burst of precipitation during the rainfall season, record moisture accumulations show trends that 1982 will be a landmark year.

78 UTAH CATTLE RANCH PRICES J. P. Workman and K. H. King Average Utah Cattle ranch prices are reported per acre and per animal unit yielding a formula to determine what an acre of Utah rangeland is worth on today's market.

82 POPULATION SYNOPSIS: 1970-1980 W. F. Stinner and S. H. Kan The latest census data provide basis to assess Utah's population change and the net gains of migration versus birth rates in urban and rural areas for 1970-1980.