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91 TURKEY NUTRITION – The DNA Breakdown J.O. Anderson Feed quality and genetics are crucial considerations for poultry producers. The protein component of the diet has special significance. Even so, different strains of birds may vary in how they use identical diets.

94 THE BUILDING OF TURKEYS R.E. Warnick They may not look it, but turkeys are relatively frail birds. Researchers at Snow Field Station are therefore trying to help producers water effectively t their nutritional, housing, and general environmental needs.

98 IRON CHLOROSIS – THE Role for Iron in Chlorophyll Formation G.W. Miller and J.C. Pushnik Where and how iron functions in a plant are discussed as background to descriptions of methods used in combating iron chlorosis.

104 IS EDUCATION NECESSARY FOR AG EMPLOYEES? G.A. Long and S. Banks Employers and employees in Utah’s production agriculture were surveyed. The results have helped determine what factors make existing labor relations happy or unsatisfactory.

106 SCRAPIE AND EMBRYO TRANSFER W.C. Foote, W.W. Clark, J.W. Call, T.D. Bunch and J. Pitcher A deadly disease of sheep may be controlled without drugs. By transferring embryos, the researchers hope to interrupt the existing pattern of transmissions. The implications extend around the world.

112 UTAH FARMERS/RANCHERS AND THEIR HIRED HANDS G.A. Long, K. Dunham, and S. Banks Researchers have defined manpower for several agricultural industries. The data includes projected numbers of employees and the skills employers are seeking.

114 ELISA – A New Method to Diagnose Disease S.D. Allen and R.D. White Diarrhea regularly takes a costly toll among valves. Treatment has been difficult because any of several causes may be at work ELISA to facilitating diagnosis.

118 TOO MUCH HEART – Locoweed and Heart Failure in Cattle. L.F. James, D.B. Nielsen, and K.E. Parrter Cattle that consume locoweed (Oxytropis serices) while grazing high-altitude ranges may be more likely than average to experience congestive right heart problems. This is especially true for calves.

120 INDEX of 1983