Table of contents

30 "CONSIDER THE LILIES OF THE FIELD ... " R. J. Shaw and M. C. Williams A review of the distribution. attributes. and hazards of the naturally occurring Iiles in Utah.

36 IMPROVING PROFITS FOR UTAH DAIRY FARMS: A COMPUTER SIMULATION OF MANAGEMENT PRACTICES D. Bailey. J. c. Andersen and G. L. Helms Economists say feeding balanced rations. altering the crop mix. and herd expansion could help increase profits in dairying.

41 GLOBEMALLOWS: FORBS FOR UTAH RANGELANDS B. M. Pendery and M. D. Rumbaugh Gooseberry-leaf globemallow and Munro globe mallow and Munro globemallow show potential as forages for Utah's rangelands.

46 DRYLAND CONSERVATION TILLAGE SYSTEMS V. P. Rasmussen. R. L. Newhall and R. L. Carte~ Results of recent research show how conservation tillage can curb erosion. conserve moisture. and improve yields.

52 CLOSING THE LOOP: HELPING FARMERS MAKE BETTER USE OF WEATHER DATA G. E. Bingham and G. L. Ashcroft A system to deliver timely and accurate weather-related information promises to markedly improve farmers' management skills.

56 SPLIT APPLICATIONS OF NITROGEN FERTILIZER TO DRYLAND WHEAT CAN IMPROVE PROFITS R. L. Cartee. R. F. Nielson and V. P. Rasmussen Applying the basic nitrogen requirement in the fall and top-dressing additional nitrogen in the spring offers may substantially increase net returns from dryland wheat.

63 LEAFY SPURGE: A THREAT TO CROPS AND RANGELANDS IN UTAH J. O. Evans and J. M. Torell An unwelcome weed has gained a foothold in the state. but a concerted effort to control the weed can prevent extensive agricultural losses. We need to act quickly to contain the threat. however.

67 WATER HEMLOCK L. F. James and M. H. Ralphs This member of the carrot/ parsnip family grows in damp areas and is responsible for extensive livestock losses.