Table of contents

Livestock numbers in Utah by Dee a. Broadbent 1

C.T. Hirst retires after 34 years of service 2

Increased production of vegetable seed in Utah, by L. H. Pollard 3

Determining factors in the development of a balanced research program 4

New smut resistant wheat released 5

Station initiates new investigations in sheep breeding and management, by R. H. Walker 6

The place of pastures in Utah's Agriculture, by A.F. Bracken 8

Migration, a problem of Utah's youth, by J.A. Geddes 9

Agricultural experimentation in wartime 10

Clay lining of canals proving to be relatively permanent, by O.W. Israelsen 14

Are Utah farmers depleting their soils, by D.W. Thorne 16

The authors 18