Table of contents

2 FOOD, NUTRITION AND HEALTH R. G. Hansen An overview of some issues concerning diet and health.

6 PATTERNS OF FAT AND CHOLESTEROL CONSUMPTION OF AMERICAN WOMEN AND CHILDREN C. T. Windham Classifying people according to their eating habits will improve nutritional recommendations.

13 HEALTH PROMOTION AND DISEASE PREVENTION: A NUTRITIONAL SCORECARD N. B. Schvaneveldt For almost a decade, federal agencies have sought to help Americans prevent disease by improving nutrition. Some of the objectives have been met

18 ADEQUATE NUTRITION: AN EDGE FOR THE COLLEGIATE GYMNAST K. A. Gabel An educational program helps USU gymnasts eat and perform well.

24 DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANS G. C. Lauritzen Dietary Guidelines offered some sound nutritional advice to Americans. Many of us are following these recommendations.

29 RESEARCH IN BRIEF An overview of some of the research supported by the Experiment Station.

29 PANTOTHENIC ACID STATUS AND TRIGLYCERIDE METABOLISM S. Beck, C. T. Wittwer and B. Wyse Relationships between pantothenic acid status and levels of circulating lipids may help diagnose and treat metabolic conditions due to abnormal energy metabolism.

40 CARROTS WITH MORE VITAMIN A C. Schweitzer New carrot hybrids may help children around the world avoid eye inflammations leading to blindness.

46 THE INDEX OF NUTRITIONAL QUALITY: HELPING CONSUMERS EAT WISELY R. G. Hansen, B. Wyse and C. Windham Confused about the nutritional value of food? A labeling system developed at USU simplifies matters.

54 IRON AVAILABILITY A. W. Mahoney Our bodies require much less iron than our diets provide, but iron deficiency is still a concern for many. This article explains why we utilize only a portion of the iron that we ingest.