Table of contents

134 Will Utah Wither? The Uncertain Prognosis for Precipitation.

138 It Time to Weigh the Consequence of Climatic Change

141 Keeping Tab on the Weather

142 Xeriscaping: An Alternative to Thirsty Landscape

147 Understanding A Force That Power Weather System

148 Drought May Increase Danger from Some Poisonous Plant

153 No Hay Shortage ... Yet

154 Irrigate to Conserve Water

156 Check Tax Implication of Drought

157 Research in Brief

161 What to Do When Rangeland Dwindle: A Live tock Producer Guide to Alternative

167 Anhydrous Ammonia Treatment Improve Feed Quality of Straw

171 Irrigation for Highest Profit

173 Ingenious Forage for Inhospitable Rangeland

176 Some Grain Varieties More Drought Tolerant

177 How Smaller Creature Fare

178 Drought May Require Change in Weed-Control Strategy

180 Irrigation Audit Save Water, Cut Costs

181 Tillage Tactic That Save Moisture

182 Maintenance Required for Accurate Water Measurement

184 1989 Index