Table of contents

2 Families: Social Stability Amidst Cultural Diversity

5 Delegating Decisions in Marriages

6 Helping Strangers Become Neighbors: Mitigating the Effects of Rapid Change

10 Economic Clout of Retirees May Spur Growth in Utah

13 The High Cost of Divorce

14 Families Remain Crucible of Change

20 Child Care: Pressing Needs Demand Innovative Solutions

23 Research in Brief

31 Neither Husbands Nor Gadgets Lighten Household Chores

34 Single Parents: More Work, Less Housework

35 The Other Side of Social Networks: Sometimes Friends Aren’t Friendly

38 Teenage Sexuality: Adolescent Actions With Adult Consequences

42 When Home and Business Merge: Putting Initiative to Work

46 The Family and Adolescents: A Primer for Better Relationships

50 Meshing Science and Human Behavior

51 Child Support Guidelines: Equity Versus Emotion