Table of contents

130 USU Researcher Help Mink Producers

133 Parasite Target of USU Research

136 Unraveling the Origin of Animal Appetites

144 Riding in Balance

147 Grain-Rich Diet Can Cripple Young Horses

148 Tracking the Causes of Airborne Cancer

150 ‘Octopus’ May Carry Genome-Free Vaccines

151 New Faculty

152 Birth Defects and Retinoic Acid

153 Scrapie: Cause Unkown But Control Possible

156 Food Safety and Chemical Contamination: Facts vs. Fantasy

162 Food Safety Then and Now

165 Food Safety and the Consumer: Making Informed Decisions

169 Allan Adam Receives USU Land Grant Hall of Fame A ward

170 Recent Grant and Contract

171 Animal Care Reflected in Caliber of Research

172 Diagnostic Lab Does Veterinary Detective Work

178 Plastic Domes Too Hot for Calves

179 Enclosed Dairy Housing May Not Boost Milk Production

180 USU Professor Aids Revival of Navajo Sheep & Weaving

182 The Warp and Weft of Weaving

184 USU Studies Show Value of Bovine Somatotropin

186 Loosening Poisonous Plant Deadly Grip

192 Higher Octane Fuel for Ruminants

194 The Rumen: Form and Function

196 1990 Subject Index