Table of contents

4 Reduce Leaching to Save Water

5 Learning about Leaching

6 Sego Lily Propagated as Ornamental Plant

7 Utah's Guru of Gardening

8 Keep Gardening Records

9 New Hy: New Saline-Tolerant Grass Hybrid Produces High-Quality Forage

9 Experiment Station Tests New Sweet Cherries

10 Encouraging Landscapes that Thrive on Less Water

12 Breeding Small Grains: First You Combine Genes, Then You Unravel Them

13 Three of the Best

14 Additional Nitrogen May Boost Alfalfa Yields

14 Tests Help Duplicate the Friendly Environment of a Seed

15 Getting Closer to Hybrid Wheat

16 Weed Threatens National Forest

17 Research in Brief

25 Good Management of Alfalfa More Important than the Number of Leaves

26 A High-Altitude Look at Down-to-Earth Phenomena

28 USU System Will Mean More Uses for Better Soil Surveys

30 After Years of Banking Phosphorus, It May be Time for a Withdrawal

31 Peas Please Livestock and Farmers

32 Farming ... with Friends

34 Space Wheat Farms

35 Homesteading the Moon

38 Guaranteeing the Purity of Seed

39 Weed Seeds Still a Problem in Noncertified Seed

40 Apple Yields Won't Dwindle with the Slender Spindle