Table of contents

42 A Focus on Natural Resources Range Science Department

43 Determining How Rangeland Plants Get Along

44 Desert Crusts: Irreplaceable Veneer or Ecological Frosting?

47 Rhizomes vs. Tussocks: Which Grow Better?

48 Like Us, Plants will Notice Ozone Depletion

50 Grazing May Be Unfairly Blamed for Changes in Pristine Areas

51 Underground Events May Be Root of Grass Behavior Geography and Earth Resources Department

53 New Geography Simplifies Complexity Fisheries and Wildlife Department

55 Complexity, Human Expectations Alter Fisheries and Wildlife Research

56 Healthy Fish--Barometer of a Healthy Environment

59 USU Program Helps Manage Forests for Fish

60 Millions Flock to Eat, Rest at Great Salt Lake

65 Better Ways of Dealing with Displaced Prairie Dogs

66 A Program to Curb Wildlife Damage

68 Ecologist Calls for a Strategic Plan to Manage Wildlife

70 Watersheds Become More Important as the West Gets Thirstier

61 Research in Brief Forest Resources Department

74 Helping Foresters Turn Over New Leaves

75 Including Public Participation in Resource Management

77 User Participation Could Make Recreation Planning More Palatable

79 The U.S. Forest Service Adjusts to New Values

81 Modeling the Forces that Shape Landscapes