Table of contents

128 A message to the Dairy Industry: Don’t Be Cowed by Surplus Milk

130 Cheesecake Lovers Take Heart

131 Super Sleuthing to Maintain Milk’s Purity

133 Letting milk Be Milk

134 Microbes Confer Healthful Benefits on Ice Cream and Yogurt

136 Improving the Mozzarella-Pizza Partnership

138 The Commerce of Good Ideas

139 Processing to Improve Yogurt

140 Cheesemaking: Simple Accidents Create a Complex Science

142 Developing Safer Food That Protects Itself

144 Sustainable Agriculture: A New Challenge for Land Grant Universities John E. Ikerd

150 Agricultural Research: A strategy for Success G.W. Bird

156 Trends in Chinese Agriculture Sylvan H. Witter

161 Deloris Stokes recipient of 1991 Land Grant Hall of Fame Award

163 Healthier Soft Drinks

164 Helping cheesemakers Squeeze the Advantages from Ultrafiltration

165 This Film Gets rave Reviews

166 Iron Fortification Techniques Developed for Cheese

167 Cheese – Fast and Easy

168 Milking Technology for All It’s Worth

170 New Markets May Make the Dairy Industry Look Sheepish

172 Milk That’s Finally Out of This World

173 Projects Supported by the Experiment Station

178 1991 Index

179 1991 Publications