Table of contents

Fertilizer recommend at tons f or 1945 b y H. B. Peterson and D. W. Thorne 1

Section of Agricultural Economics 2

Turkey production becoming major farm industry in Utah, by Dee A. Broadbent 3

Agricultural experimentation and the scientific method 4

Red-water disease of dairy cattle caused by lack of phosphorus in ration by c. W. Riggs 4

Another milestone 4

Turkey brooder death losses caused by controllable disease, by M. L. Miner 5

Strawberry varieties, old and new, by F. M. Coe 7

Variety studies give information on yields and other characteristics of celery strains, by L. H. Pollard and F. B. Wann 8

Promising varieties of sweet corn for Utah, by L. H. Pollard and E. B. Wilcox 11

Where do Utah's rural offenders live, by J. N. Symons 14