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2 Utah 's Connection To Cleft Palate Nutritional epidemiologist Ron Munger has traveled to distant, developing countries to study the causes of cleft lip and cleft palate, but he also has a large population of people to study right here at home. Utah has the highest incidence of clefts in the nation, double the average for Caucasian Americans and Munger wants to know why.

8 Nutrition Research : Science Goes Beyond Gut Instinct Our diets are tangled webs of vitamins, fats, fibers, sugars, proteins and minerals, so teasing out the role (or roles) of each component can be difficult. That’s not keeping Robert Ward and his colleagues from trying.

12 Education a Diabetes Predictor? Sociologist Finds a Link Weight gain and lack of physical activity are known factors for obesity and type2 diabetes. Sociologist Eric Reither has found that educational attainment is another underlying predictor of who is at risk for developing obesity and diabetes. 16 Beyond the Baby Weight New research suggests that some aspects of prenatal care, specifically maternal weight gain, may impact a child’s health well into adolescence. It also appears that ethnicity is a factor in getting prenatal care to help children off to a healthy start.

25 Food dudes The age-old effort to get children to try new foods and eat their vegetables is getting a boost from a team of smart, athletic cartoon characters straight from their home in Great Britain. Dietician Heidi Wengreen introduced the Food Dudes to some Utah schools last year, but did they win over childrens’ picky palates?

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