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2 Growing Risk for Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s disease is more than just forgetfulness. It robs people of their abilities to think, remember, reason and control their behavior. A combination of genetic and environmental factors contributes to the disease’s development, but the process may begin decades before symptoms appear. Researchers are working to discover what those factors might be and how people might decrease their risk of developing the disease.

8 Measuring Quality in Baby Steps Each day thousands of children in Utah spend part of their day in the care of someone other than their parents. The quality of daycare affects so many families that it impacts communities now and well into the future.

14 Overcoming Pigheaded Money Habits How much money people earn is not the deciding factor in how much they save. Understanding what motivates people to save is the future of financial education. The crux of the matter isn’t just spending, it’s psychology.

18 Synthesis: Science at Utah State University

24 Caution: Farmers at Work Farming is one of the most hazardous jobs in country. Researchers’ are searching for the most effective ways to educate teens and other vulnerable people about working on the farm because it is critical to their safety and to the food on which we depend.

28 Characterizing the Face and Value of the “Buy Local” Movement

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