Table of contents

Economical turkey production in Utah by Byron Alder 1

Department of Agronomy and Soils 2

Tomato fruit worm control, by W. E. Peay 3

Apricot leaf scorch in Utah County, by F. B. Wann 5

Cost of producing butterfat in Utah by G. T. Blanch and G. Q. Bateman 6

Cost of producing sheep in southwestern Utah, by D. A. Broadbent 7

Alfalfa tripping by insects, by G. H. Van ell and F. E. Todd 9

Lygus control on sugar beets grown for seed by G. F. Knowlton and W.E.Peay 11

Yield of onion seed increased by trip control by W. E. Peay and C. J. Sorenson 13

Four weed threats, by A. H. Holmgren 13

Production and distribution of foundation seed stocks, by G. L. Stoker 20