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January 1988


Introduction: This report summarizes the work conducted under Grant No. ECE-8419189, "Stochastic Interpolation of Precipitation Data from Multiple Sensors," which was awarded to Utah State University in September, 1985, and completed February 29, 1988. it also covers work under a supplemental award made in February, 1986. The final report is organized into four sections. The following section presents the objective of the research and a brief problem statment. Section 3 contains a summary of second-year work including the project team, work plan, work completed, and publications. In Section4, project conclusions are summarized. A summary of on-going future work is given in Section 5, together with our plans for publication of research results from this project. Copies of preliminary draft manuscripts and completed technical reports which have been prepared as a result of second-year activities are contained in the Appendices. A cummulative summary of project publications is presented in Appendix A.