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January 1985


Deer Creek Reservoir and tributaries were monitored from May to December 1983 in a study of the occurrence of trihalomethane (THM) precursors in the reservoir and nutrient dynamics of the reservoir system. Microcosms were used to study the effect of the following parameters on THM precursor production in the reservoir system: phosphorus loading, sediment, algal growth, and application of algicide. Additionally, THM precursor concentrations of interstitial water were analyzed in reservoir and microcosm sediment samples. Microcosms treated with ahigh phosphorus loading (70 ug/1) had THM precursor concentrations significantly higher than those measured in microcosms treated with a low phosphorus loading (10 ug/1). The presence of sediment in microcosms did not significantly affect THM precursor concentrations. Algae growth did result in THM production significantly aboce that measured in microcosms without algae growth. No correlation between total organic carbon and terminal total trihalomethane concentrations was found to exist in microcosms. Potassium permanganate and copper sulface were used as algicides. Applications of 0.3 mg/1 potassium permanganate and 50 ug/1 copper sulfate as Cu^+2 did not appear to affect THM precursor, total phosphorus, total suspended solids, or volatile suspended solids concentrations in the microcosms. Anoxic phosphorus release occurred in dark microcosms after the dissolved oxygen concentration dropped below approximately 3.0 mg/1. Considering all data collected, no significant difference in THM precursor concentraion could be detected between tributary and reservoir samples. THM precursor concentrations in tributaries were found to vary significantly be season. Samples collected from three depths within the reservoir were not found to have significantly different mean terminal total trihalomethane concentrations over the sampling period. No correlation between total organic carbon and terminal total trihalomethane concentrations was found to exist. Total phosphorus concentrations in tributaries were quite high, particularly in Main and Daniels Creeks.