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January 1973


A streamflow simulation model which would reproduce the essential feature of the hydrologic regime of a semi-arid region, in this case Jordan, was developmed and described. The model is intended to fit conditions which exist in such a region. The hydrologic processes components which represent the evaporation and the base flow distinguish the Jordan model from others. Development of each function of the model and its constants was based on all the minimal amount of data available. one year of data was used to calibrate the model for Wadi Zerqa watershed. The model was then applied to simualte four years of streamflow. Simulation of daily flows especially low flows was successful. A close reproduction of monthly flow volumes was achieved. Simulation results suggest taht flow diversion occurred during the summer months. Such practice is commonly used in the area for irrigation purposes. Errors in simulation resulted both from the approximate representation of the hydrologic processes and from the errors in rainfall and streamflow data. The streamflow records, which are characterized by low flows, suggest utilizing the average absolute value of prediction error rather than the standard error of simulation as a statistical tool for measuring the accuracy of simulation results.