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January 1977


Preface: This volume is the first published proceeding of the Utah Water Pollution Associations Annual Meeting. The Technical Program of the Annual Meeting was divided into five separate sessions. The program was developed to attract individuals concerned with management, design and operation of wastewater treatment facilities. Special emphsis was given to the design and operation of wastewater filtration devices. Unfortunately, four papers are not included in the proceedings because the authors failed to meet the submission deadline. These papers are (1) "Utah Discharge Requirements" by Calvin Sudweeks, (2) "Chlorine, Califorms, 1977 Standards and you" by Robert A. Sperling, (3) "Panel Discussion" by Ken Watson, and (4) "Panel Discussion" by Michael Miner. One additional paper entitled "Problems of Mounting a Major Water Pollution Control Program" by Martin Lang is not included in the proceedings due to personal committment as National Vice President of the Water Pollution Control Federation. The Technical Program Committee greatly appreciates the time and effort expended by the authors and advertisers who made these porceedings possible.