Frank E. Moss

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January 1967


President's Introduction: The environment of man has been the subject of intensive studies in recent years as the dangers of pollution became increasingly evident. The atmostphere we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, all are endangered by defilement. Thre resolution of the conflict can came only through a asystematic reordering of the national way of life so that man himself will not fall victim to the wastes of his civilization. For forty years Utah State University has been vitally concerned with the problems of pollution. Utah State surveys and studies have revealed the effects of pollutants on man, animals, and plants, and the search continues in USU laboraties for a solution to the problem. The recent Utah legislature commended the University for its past efforts while noting that much remains to be done to finally resolve the dilemma. In recodnizing the "urgent need to reduce air and water pollution in Utah to protect the health and welfare" of Utah's citizens, the Resolution applauded USU for it "able staff which has for many years studied water quality, the effects of air contaminants, solid waste disposal, and related matters," and urged a contimuation of research designed to reduce the pollution of the environment. The speech of Senator Frank E. Moss at the Engineering Week banquet is a penetrating analysis of the problems America faces in the area of pollution. It should be required reading for those who hope to effect a change in the porcesses of pollution. Daryl Chase, President