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January 1972


The effects of various land uses on water quality in Summit Creek were evaluated during the period beginning March 13, 1971, and ending October 27, 1971. Potential sources of pollution investigated where: (1) septic tank use, (2) feedlot runoff, (3) urban runoff, (4) rural runoff. Samples were collected from five sampling stations on 16 separate days during the sampling period. Analyses were performed to determine the following constituents: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, total phosphorus, orthophosphate, coliform bacteria, chloride, suspended solids, volatile suspended solids, total carbon, organic carbon, temperature, and pH. Agricultural activates, including livestock feedlot operations, were identified as the major source of pollutant inputs to Summit Creek. No significant pollutant inputs could be attributed to septic tank use, urban runoff, or rural runoff.