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January 1984


This manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the program SOFT-OP. SOFT-OP was developed at the Division of Environmental Engineering, Utah State University, Logan, Utah. Funding for the program development was supplied by Tremonton City Corporation, Tremonton, Utah. Foreword: SOFT-OP has been developed for use by operators of oxidation ditch wastewater treatment plants (extended aeration activated sludge). The program serves as a useful took in daily plant operation by assisting the operator in various tasks related to process control. These tasks are grouped within the following three classifications: 1. Implementation of control parameters 2. Analysis of process characteristics 3. Data management The program is designed to run on a Radio Shack Model III microcomputer with two disk drives. Previous computer experience is not a prerequisite since the program is user-friendly and should not intimidate those operators using a computer for the first time.