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January 1973


Introduction: A description of the fabrication of the manifold model and the design of the facilities constructed to test the model under various steady state flow conditions is given in the previous report. All tests included in the last report were with equal flows occurring in each of the five branches. Since the operation of the prototype manifold will necessitate that one, and possibly two pumps, be taken out of operations when the demand for cooling water is at a minimum, Browth & Root, Inc. requested taht the performance of the manifold model be determined under steady-state conditions with: (1) Equal flows through all combinations of four branches in operation, i.e. one of the five pumps taken out of operations and (2) Equal flows through all combinations of three branches in operations, i.e. all combinationf of two pumps taken out of operation. Analyses of the data thus collected is to be used to indicate which pump should be shut down first, and which two pumps should not be placed in operation for the very low flow rates. If the performance of the manifold is unsatisfactory with one or two pumps out of operation, th emodel tests should reveal this and suggest what redesign may be needed for the manifold to operate more satisfactorily.