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January 1972


Introduction: This report describes the fabrication and laboratory testing of a 1/12 scale model of the 5 branch converging manifold to be installed as a component of the Virginia Electric and Power Company 1974 extension of the Yorktown power station. The design of the manifold (see Fig. 1) was supplied by Brown & Root, Inc. The geometry of Branch number 1 as shown on Fig. 1 was modified slightly from the original design after conferring with Browth & Root, Inc. in order to facilitate the fabrication of this branch of the model. In addition to the fabrication of the manifold model, facilities were constructed to carry out the testing of the model. These facilities consisted of: (1) a head box designed to force equal flow rates through all five inlet branches of the manifold (see Fig. 2), (2) five inlet pipes which convey the water from the five units in the head box to each of five branches, (3) a 20-foot long 14 inch inside diameter pipe which conveyed the discharge from the manifold, and (4) a discharge box with means for controlling the downstream head by means of two gates, one of which closes the discharge pipe and the other controls the water level in the box. The test facilities were located in the hydraulic laboratory of the Utah Water Research Laboratory taking the water supply from one of the 16 inch main supply lines and discharging the flow into a 3-foot wide channel in the floor of the hydraulic laboratory which conveys the water to the weighing tanks for accurate flow rate determinations. The photographs on Fig. 3 show the manifold model, the test facilities and their layout.