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January 1989


Introduction: The application of mulch during or immediately following seeding provides the minimum following advantages: energy dissipation of falling raindrops which decreases or eliminates erosion, prevention of surface-soil crusting, decreased water loss, and surface temperature modification. To better hold mulch in place, chemical binders are addd to it during munufacture or just before it is applied to the soil. Sometimes a binder is applied as an oversptray after the mulch is in place. (This overspray is generally referred to as a tackifier.) Algea Produkter A/S, Drammen, Norway, produces a product called ALGROW which may habe utility as a mulch binder and may enhance germination and growth of plants. The Utah Water Research Laboratory contracted to perform preliminary tests using ALGROW both as a binder in hydromulch and as an enhancer for barley seed germination and growth. more definitive tests of ALGROW's growth enhancement capabilities are being performed in the Plant Science Laboratory of Utah State University. These results will be reported separately.