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Introduction: Utilizing a rainfall simulator, a sunlight simulator, and a wind generator, the Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL), Utah State University (USU), completed in 1979 and 1981 a series of evaluations of erosion control products for CONWED Corporation. Increasingly more commercial products for controlling erosion are being produced nationally and there remains a need to evaluate the effectiveness of these, one against another, in order that potential users may make cost-effective decisions in their use. CONWED recognizes this need and has funded the comparative testing of its own products and some of those of leading competitors throughout the country. The objective of the study presented herein was to evaluate under the rainfall simulator the effectiveness of CONWED Hydro Mulch mixed with each of three different commerical products used as tackifiers, Terra Tack I, M-Binder, and Hydro Bond. The study included also the evaluation of three specialy erosion control products, also the evaluation of three specialty erosion control products, CONWED netting, Lud low jute blanket, and American Excelsior blanket.