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Boeing Engineering and Construction (BEAC) is investigating the feasibility of transporting Utah coal via slurry pipeline to the west coast. Such an investigation requires an abundance of data concerning such things as they availability and quality of water which can be slurried with coal, the location of such water with respect to the deposits of coal, and the ultimate disposal of the water at the pipeline's end.

This study generated a limited amount of new data and gathered existing data and information related to surface and underground water within a 50-mile radius of Emery, Utah, but restricted primarily to the Colorado River drainage. Data were gathered also of coal and water in mines within the same area, and determinations were made of their mutual effects on each other when slurried together in the laboratory.

Tasks are listed and discussed in this report in the same order as they appear in the research proposal. Supporting data and information in the form of maps, tables, charts, and references are also included.