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January 1969


A network of telemetering precipitation gages is operating in the mountainous areas of northern Utah, western Wyoming, and southern Idaho as part of the Wasatch Weather Modification Project. Approximately 40 individual gages collected and reported data during the 1968-69 winter season from distances up to 130 miles. In addition to the remotely located gages, the system includes an Automatic Readout Console (ARC) at the Utah Water Research Laboratory that is connected by a cable to a translator on top of Mt. Logan. The ARC is the control center for the network, interrogating in a predetermined programmed sequence the remote telemetry gages, and printing their transmitted data on paper tape. Procedures for selecting gage and translator sites and obtaining authorization to install network equipment are discussed. A photograph of the automatic Readout Console and a listing of the functions of its various chassis are presented. Brief non-technical discussions related to the installation, operation and maintenance of the system are also included.