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January 1974


Information and recommendations were developed pertaining to the organization of regional and river basin water planning studies, useful to river basin commissions and others responsible for such studies. The approach that was used included four basic components: (1) conceptualization of a planning model, based on an analysis of planning theory and organizational literature, (2) analysis and review of historical trends in water resources planned, (3) examination and comparative evaluation of 15 river basin planning studies, and (4) case studies of two planning efforts selected from the 15 examined in order to perform a more detailed analysis and to gain information about the informal aspects of the planning process that took place. In connection with the formulation of the planning model, a substantial amount of research effort was committed to the development of a computer simulation of decision-making in the planning or policy formulation process. This programmed simulation is designed to be a useful planning tool for gaining insights into the interrelationships among objectives, alternative courses of action, and political feasibility. A description of the simulation model and an analysis of tis application to the Willamette River Basin Comprehensive Study are presented.