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The authors wish to express their gratitude and sincere appreciation to the many organizations and individual who assisted in this research effort. The U. S. Bureau of Reclamation has sponsored the investigation of aerial application equipment and techniques. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation personnel concerned with the evaporation reduction research program have b en most cooperative in supporting the efforts at Utah State University. The Reeder Flying Service has worked with Utah State University in the developn1 pilot of aerial application equipment since the inception of the project in 1961. Mr. Charles Reeder ha been very cooperative throughout the research program. Mr. Kenneth Jewkes, pilot and mechanic, ha aid d materially in the success of the equipment development. The efforts and interest displayed by Mr. Don Larson during flight and application test have been very much appreciated. The Commissioner of Utah Lake, Mr. David 1. Gardner, has assisted in the research efforts at Utah Lake. The effort of Mr. Dave Rowley, Price River Commissioner, and Mr. Francis Strange, caretaker at Scofield Reservoir, were very much appreciated. The continued cooperation of the Salmon River Canal Company, has aided in the success of the research program. Many of the staff at Utah State University have participated in the aerial application research effort . The initial developments by Mr. Glen Stringham of the spray equipment, and subsequent contributions of Mr. Earl Israel en in developing the powder dispensing unit are acknowledged. Professor Duane Chadwick and Mr. Don Griffin have undertaken the development of the radio altimeter. Me rs. Edwin Olsen, Derle Thorpe, and Eugene Israel. en have assisted during application tests. The illustration contained in this report, together with the cover design, were prepared by Mr. Joe England. The effort of Mr . C. W. Lauritzen, editor, and Miss Barbara South, secretary, have materially aided in the preparation of the report.


Publication made available electronically April 25, 2012.