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January 1959


Progress of Engineering Research: The growth initiated with the reorganization of the Engineering Experiment Station in 1957-58 has been stready and consistant through 1958-59. Every sign points to continued expansion through the coming year. This growth is shown in Table 1. The number of active projects this year has increased to nineteen, the funds allocated for Engineering research were $53,861 plus $17,826 to contract research, exclusive of approximately $75,000 in the Agricultural Experiment Station. The number of staff members engaged in research is now twelve. Contract research money has been obtained to finance four projects which were financed previously with Uniform School Funds. Funds are now available for research during 1959-60 total $96,147, with an additional $228,860 under negotiation and development. There is a good reason to believe that within six months as much as $146,000 should be procured of the $228,860 pending. Thus the program of the Engineering Experiment Station could well reach $223,000 by January 1960. These estimates do not include any of the funds expected within the framework of the Utah Scientific Research Foundation. The division of funds is shown in Table 2, and the contract research in Table 3. A list of the project numbers, titles, and leader is appended as Table 6, and the research studies from 1952 to 1955 are appended as Table 7. These are included to summarize the type of projects under study and to make readily available a brief history of activity since 1952.