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January 2001


Executive Summary: The present report presents a review of the state-of-the-art technologies for the development of a low-cost, self-calibrating stream gaging station. The research was conducted by the Utah Water Research Laboratory with funding provided by the Utah Division of Water Resources through Project RP 110080, March 1998. The report presents a review of the current practices in stream gaging and how technologies such as remote data telemetry through the use of satellite, cellular phone communications, and radio telemetry can be used for the real-time transmission of data. The study also includes the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) for the locating and mapping of staions. A review of laser technologies, including infrared and green lasers, is included for possible application on stage height, water depth, and cross-section measurements. A review is also presented of ultrasonic, sonal, radar, and microwave technologies for the measurement of water velocity. The report concludes with a discussion of possible applications of the technologies reviewed to the design of a low-cost, self-calibrating stream gaging station. A list of references and of technology manufacturers is also provided. It must be indicated that, although it was originally intended to produce a prototype of the gauging station, the cost and size of the instrumentation presented us from implementing such prototype. As the technology improves and the size and cost of the instruments becomes more reasonable, it will be possible to build such prototype. At this stage, however, the technology is not yet at the point of producing the low-cost, self-calibrating gaging station originally intended.