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A three phase study is used to develop disposal alternatives and cost analysis for algae laden sand scrapings removed from intermittent sand filters used to polish wastewater lagoon effluent. Phase I, Irrigation Technique, explores the feasibility of supplying sufficient water to sand scrapings to leach out entrapped material. Details of removal with amount of water applied are presented. Phase II, Soil Application, tests with lysimeters soil response to application of the algae laden sand material. Physical and chemical parameters are not markedly altered where algae laden sand is applied to the soil surface. Phase III, Plant Bioassays, grew tall fescue on lysimeters which had algae laden sand scrapings applied and compared this growth response with lysimeters having no additives to a clay soil and lysimeters having ammonium nitrate added as fertilizer. Results indicate that all three disposal alternatives are viable recourses for sewage sand filter sand deposition and utilization. Cost analyses indicate that an irrigation technique may be less expensive.


Publication made available electronically April 24, 2012.