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January 1976


Preface: Computer modeling is an important and valuable tool for water resources planning and management. In recent years many different modeling approaches and techniques have been developed. Some have been applied in the Colorado River Basin. A brief and incomplete search showed over fifty reports on modeling in the Colorado River Basin alone. The main motivation for this Seminar was the indication that (1) much duplication of effort is occuring among Colorado River modeling studies due to lack of information and (2) much of the knowledge now available on modeling is not being effectively applied to real problems. The overall goals and broach objectives of this conference were to provide a forum whereby management policies, existing computer modeling techniques, methodologies, and studies applied to the planning, design, construction, operation, management, and development of the water and land resources in the Colorado River Basin might be comprehensively reviewed, discussed, and analyzed, and projections of future needs and trends developed. Specifically, the Seminar appempted to: *Provide a forum for policy and decision-makers and public officials to review, evaluate, discuss, and project the needs and applicability of modeling techniques in river basin planning and management. *Acquaint the participants with the present status and trends in computer models as they are applicable to water resource systems. *Bring a knowledge of the state-of-the-art in computer modeling studies to institutions, agencies, and individuals. *Help participants avoid or minimize duplication of efforts in future work related to the theme of the seminar. *Emphasize the importance of comprehensive systmes analyses, recognizing that subanalysis of a comprehensize system through uncoordinated submodels generally is not sufficient.