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January 1971


The Operating Rule Program was developed in an earlier study to furnish a means to determine optimum desalting plant size, optimal operating rule, and costs of operating in conjunction with existing water supply systems, under the present study, five further objectives were accomplished: (1) The program was applied to a New York City water supply system feasibility study in connection with a dual purpose nuclear power plant to develop costs for adding firm yield to the New York City water supply system in conjunctive operation with the desalting plant. (2) The program was modified to enable assessment of stage construction of desalting units when used in conjunction with a natural water supply system on the basis of both constant costs over the period of analysis and inflationary costs. Techniques were developed for applying the program to determine the optimal plant module size, timing of units, and cost of the water. (3) A separate, smaller program was developed to enable analysis of desalting plant operation in conjunction with a natural water supply system having no storage capacity. (4) A training program provided instruction to a selected group designated by OSW on the detailed use and application of the Modified Operating Rule Program. (5) A feasibility study of the Norfolk, Virginia, water supply system was also carried out by applying the modified program.