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January 1982


A limnological evaluation was conducted for the offstream Ridges Basin Reservoir proposed by the Bureau of Reclamation in southwest Colorado. The study required the determination of existing water quality in the source river and use of the information to predict the algal standing crop, hypolimnetic oxygen deficity, Secchi disk transparency, and retention of metals in the proposed reservoir. A water quality study was conducted between May 1977 and August 1978. Samplse were collected from the Animas River, which will provide the inflow to the proposed reservoir, and from the La Plata River, which will receive discharge from the reservoir. Samples were analyzed for 49 water quality constituents. The data were used to evaluate the quality of water in both rivers with respect to the proposed Colorado Water Quatiy Standards for raw ater supply, agricultural use, and the protection of the aquatic biota. A phophorus loading model was evaluated and used to predict the summer standing crop of chlorophyll