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Introduction: The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is currently in the process of evaluating a number of water development projects in Southwest Colorado. As a part of the planning process the Bureau has conducted a water quality investigation, in cooperation with the UWRL, of the stream segments that will be affected by each project. The data collected in this study were used to evaluate the water quality of each stream segment with respect to various beneficial uses of water (agriculture, raw municipal water supply, protection of the aquatic biota) and will provide a baseline by which to assess the impact of each project. in addition, these data will be used in the process of site location, design and operation planning for reservoirs and other project features. This report includes only the results of the water quality study of the Mancos River, associated with the Mancos Project. Water quality data were collected during the period from May, 1977, through August, 1978, One sample was collected and analyzed during each month except during June, 1977, in which two samples were collected from some sites. The concentration of 49 water quality constituents was determined for each sample at the UWRL.