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January 1970


Preface: This report is an analysis of a social survey of the middle and lower Bear River Basin of southeastern Idaho and northern Utah concerning the problem of water resource development in a semiarid region of the Western United States. The survey part of the study, carried out in the summer of 1966, dealt with both general social factors and a specific proposal made by the Bureau of Reclamation for developing water resources of the Bear River. In many respects this proposal and the resulting behavior is typical of other western river basin projects, in some other ways, however, it is also unique. It is expected that the broad exploratory nature of this study will provide a useful background for other studies with more specialized and limited goals. The limited application of research to the behavioral problems of water resources research has guided the wide focus of this problem. This monograph reports a considerable amount of data. It is recommended that the reader interested in less detail might well confine himself to the champter summaries and the final chapter on conclusions. In some cases, in concluding or projecting, the writers have taken the liberty to speculate beyond the strict confines of the data, including some prespectives they have obtained in the process of the study. These occasions are indicated for the reader.