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Proceedings of the 1981 Symposium on the Aquatic Resources Management of the Colorado River Ecosystem


Ann Arbor Science

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The Colorado River system has often been referred to as "the most regulated river system in the world." The Colorado River Basin serves millions of people through agricultural, energy, municipal and industrial uses, fish and wildlife activities, and recreation. The symposium was conceived and organized to allow researchers, private industry, consultants, water users, regulatory agencies, and concerned citizens the opportunity to express needs, desires, and concerns about the vast resources of the Colorado River. We found that there were a diverse number of problems confronting the individuals who are involved in the management of this important ecosystem. A variety of broad topics have been presented which include: water policy and major diversions; energy impacts; oil shale development--resources and impacts; Lake Mead and the other major reservoirs in the system; the ecology and management of the watershed and the riparian habitat in the system; fisheries; salinity problems; sedimentation; eutrophication; flow depletion; and water augmentation. This timely symposium brought together many individuals, representing a variety of disciplines, to discuss and transfer information appropriate to the needs of the Colorado River Basin. The results of this symposium, which have been compiled herein, are an attempt to examine current and projected effects of water and land management within the Colorado River Basin and to provide a basis for determining what can be done to better manage the resources within the total context of activities affecting the Colorado River Ecosystem.


This work made publicly available electronically on April 4, 2012.