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January 1979


Preface: This volume is the third published proceedings of the Utah Water Pollution Control Association's Annual Meeting. The Technical Program of the 1979 Annual Meeting was divided into four separate sessions. The opening session (Session I) provided an overview and direction for the entire meeting. Session II-A: Plant Safety, and Session III-A: Plant Safety, centered on the need for establishing appropriate safety procedures at wastewater installations. Session II-B: Selected Topics, was devoted to technical presentations of speical merit and interest to the local environmental engineering profession. Session III-B: Interim Upgrading, considered various alternatives to upgraiding wastewater facilities on an interim basis. Session IV: Energy Conservation, included a panel discussion on various methods for reducing energy consumption at wastewater treatment facilities. For the second year, a Fellowship Breakfast was held the second day of the Annual Meeting. Although not included in these Proceedings, Mr. Hal Goble, Goble Sampson Associates and Mr. Jim Marsh, Assistant Basketball Coach at the University of Utah, were featured speakers at this breakfast. The Technical Program Committee is deeply grateful to Mrs. Kathy Bayn and Mrs. Kathy Eck for their persistence, dedications, and technical skill in preparing the manuscript of these proceedings. James H. Raynolds Program Chairman