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January 1965


The calibration of small Parshall flumes for measuring flows ranging in magnitude from 0.1 to 1.1 cubic feet per second (cfs) was accomplished by A. R. Robinson (1960) at Colorado State University. The purpose of Robinson’s investigation was to accurately calibrate and standardize the design of small Parshall measuring flumes. The rated flumes were constructed of galvanized sheet metal. Data was collected for Parshall flumes having throat widths of 1-, 2-, and 3- inches. Calibration tables or curves were prepared for both free and submerged flow. The dimensions of the Parshall flumes rated by Robinson are shown in Figure 1. The study reported herein was made to illustrate that the analysis of submergence developed at Utah State University (Hyatt, 1965) for trapezoidal flumes is applicable to small Parshall flumes. The data reported by Robinson (1960) is analyzed by the submergence parameters reported by Hyatt (1965) and the resulting equations and calibration curves are listed in this report.