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January 1966


Preface: As the value of water increases, the extent to which measurement is employed in an irrigation system also increases. Additional flow measurements provide information for improved management of the water supply. Good water management requires accurate measurement. Many devices have been developed for this purpose and are in use. Included among them are weirs, orifices, calibrated gates, Parshall flumes, and current meters. Of these, the Parshall flume is one of the most widely accepted and used. Presented in this publication is a discussion concerning the use of Parshall flumes for measuring water, including the utilization of a new approach for treating submerged flow that was developed at Utah State University. The information presented on free flow has been taken from the origianl publications of Ralph L. Parshall, and the bulletin, "Measurement of Irrigation Water," prepared by Eldon M. Stock. Utilizing data developed by Ralph L. Parshall, A. R. Robinson, and the authors.