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University of British Columbia

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water quantity, water quality, Columbia Basin Trust Region, rivers, river ecology

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This report collects the documents generated as part of a two year effort to catalogue the variety of water quality and quantity data that has been collected in the Columbia Basin Trust region of British Columbia. Through the cataloguing effort, a number of important data and knowledge gaps were identified and specific recommendations developed. The available water quantity and climate data was then used in a number of analyses focused on understanding the relationship between changing climate conditions and stream discharges.

One overall finding is that there is a large variety of data collected and held by various different entities. These data sets exist in a variety of sometimes inconsistent formats, with different and sometimes challenging means of access. A unifying recommendation is that the Columbia Basin Trust, alone or in cooperation with other agencies, work to develop a data repository to collect and archive data sets and link to other data sources, and a portal to provide easy access for researchers and the public to this data.